Invest in DEX Traded Funds while earning rewards!

DEX Traded Funds — DTFs


Investment funds brought by Mayfair come in the form of a portfolio of assets called DEX Traded Funds (DTF).
DTFs tracks the performance of a portfolio composed of chosen assets. Its weights will remain equal, with a 5% stake in $MAY. The portfolio is a Smart Index Pool (SIP) and is rebalanced by arbitrageurs just like any liquidity pool.
Liquidity pools receive deposits of investors who in return receive $DTF token. Those investors can earn fees because they are also liquidity providers, and in addition, the pool token (DTF token) can appreciate value-generating a greater return. Investors can sell or redeem the protocol token at any time for the underlying assets or USD/ETH.
Pricing of DTFs is given by:


Mayfair makes use of the underlying tokens to utilize strategies that will earn yield, maximizing value for DTF holders, who benefit from this productivity without having to perform any actions themselves. These strategies will be added to and changed over time to take advantage of new opportunities or to maximize the yield earned. In addition, Mayfair will be seeking partnerships with AMM and Liquidity protocols to create a unique diversified portfolio with safe and profitable yield strategies.

Mint / Redeem

To purchase, head over to "Invest" for full list of DTFs; Choose the token and amount you would like to use to purchase the DTF.
DTFs can be redeemed for a single asset of your choice or all the assets with the specified amount.

Entry Fees

Entry fee of 1% will be used to accumulate funds for the Treasury and support Development

Streaming Fees

DTFs are subject to a 1% streaming fee that is applied continuously. This fee is directed to the Treasury and Development, to be used for further growth.

Meta DEX Traded Funds — mDTF

mDTF consists of an index of assets used for swaps and leverage trading. It can be minted using any index asset and burnt to redeem any index asset. The price for minting and redemption is calculated based on (total worth of assets in index including profits and losses of open positions) / (mDTF supply).


mDTF token holders earn MAY and 70% of platform fees distributed in ETH. Fees are distributed after deducting referral rewards and the network costs of keepers (Estimated around 1% of total fees)

Mint & Redeem

Fees for Minting mDTF will vary based on which assets the index has less or more of, you'll be able to see which assets have the lowest fee.
After purchasing mDTF, it will be automatically staked and you will start earning ETH & MAY rewards.
mDTF can be redeemed for any asset inside the pool. Similar fee structure is applied as minting.


Token weights are adjusted to help hedge mDTF holders based on the open positions of traders. For example, if a lot of traders are long ETH, then ETH would have a higher token weight, if a lot of traders are short, then a higher token weight will be given to stablecoins.

Token Pricing

mDTF pricing is based on a fixed value, unlike other tokens which are pulled from Chainlink. However USD tokens are assumed as 1.