Popular questions about Mayfair
What are DTFs
Investment funds brought by Mayfair come in the form of a portfolio of assets called DEX Traded Funds (DTF).
DTFs tracks the performance of a portfolio composed of chosen assets. Its weights will remain equal, with a 5% stake in $MAY.
The portfolio is a Smart Index Pool (SIP) and is rebalanced by arbitrageurs just like any liquidity pool.
DTF assets are put to use in safe and profitable protocols to generate revenue to investors.
What makes Mayfair unique compared to other Protocols
Mayfair is a first of it's kind protocol when it comes to Decentralized market-weighted portfolios. Mayfair comes with a unique Real Yield approach, incorporating a Trading platform that generates high revenues to the platform and offers investors to Short/Long these DTFs with high leverage.
Why Arbitrum and zkSync over other chains
Arbitrum is the most popular Ethereum scaling solutions, Arbitrum transaction speed is relatively fast and offer much lower fees on the ETH chain compared to other options.
zkSync is currently blockchain's fastest growing chain, and we aim to be the first Fund Issuer there.
Why launch on Array
Array's Real Yield approach aligns perfectly with our vision and many projects in developing a sustainable protocol that has a solid revenue stream not built around massive token emissions.
Mayfair team is positive that our partnership with Array to launch on their platform, build liquidity and give exposure to their defi community is the key to Mayfair's success
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